A former Coinbase executive at the head of the US bank regulator?

A former Coinbase executive at the head of the US bank regulator?

The team of the new American president Joe Biden could include a regulator with affinity with the crypto sector. Despite the gloom surrounding recent comments by Janet Yellen, a candidate for US Treasury Secretary, about her « concerns » about cryptomoney, there are rumours that a former Ripple adviser is being considered for the position of Currency Controller – the main banking regulator in the US.

Yellen’s remarks are believed to have caused the price of Bitcoin (BTC) and Altcoins to fall.

But according to a Wall Street Journal article, Biden appointed Michael Barr to replace Brian Brooks – a former Coinbase executive – who stepped down as acting director of the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (OCC) after only eight months at the helm.

The OCC is an independent agency within the Treasury Department, which is expected to come under the control of Biden’s candidate, Yellen, pending a Senate vote this week.

The media said « people close to the case » had informed it of this development, although Barr, Biden’s team and the Treasury refused to comment on the matter.

Barr joined Ripple’s advisory board in mid-2015, but is no longer listed as an advisor to the company – with no indication at the time of writing of when he left his post at the developer of XRP. He is currently the dean of the University of Michigan, but previously worked at the Treasury under former Presidents Barack Obama and Bill Clinton. He previously held a position at JPMorgan.

Under Brooks’ leadership, the OCC has given the green light to a number of pro-cryptomacy measures, including granting Anchorage, a Visa-backed company, a conditional national trust charter earlier this month. The organization also approved the introduction of measures to allow banks to offer custody services for cryptosurveillance.

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A former Coinbase executive at the head of the US bank regulator?
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