Amazon is building a team that specializes in digital currencies

A few days after Jeff Bezos announced that he was stepping down as CEO of Amazon, the e-commerce giant seems ready to go one step further to explore the world of « digital currencies » – with the launch of a pilot project based in Mexico.

A job offer for the position of software development manager was recently posted in the « Careers » section of its website: it states that Amazon wants to « build a technical team to create innovative payment solutions for customers in emerging markets ».

Bezos, the company’s founder, announced that he is stepping down as executive chairman, leaving the role to former Amazon Web Services boss Andy Jassy.

Andy Jassy has been proactive in exploring solutions based on blockchain technology, as well as researching new payment methods – and the crypto community looks forward to seeing what happens to his tenure.

And while Amazon still seems a long way from a dive into the Bitcoin universe à la Tesla, the Mexico-based project is still an important beginning for the company.

In the job offer, first mentioned by Coindesk, Amazon states that it is « looking for talented managers and software development engineers to « accompany it on this new journey ».

The company’s human resources department managers wrote,

We are looking for a leader to help us in the process of launching a payment solution that will be tested initially in Mexico. This product will offer customers the ability to convert their cash into digital currency, allowing them to take advantage of online goods and services such as Prime Video.

The company has made no mention of blockchain technology or encryption in this offering, but this new project seems to be aimed – at least initially – at potentially unbanked customers in developing countries, who have no access to its current range of services.

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Amazon is building a team that specializes in digital currencies
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