Cryptomoney users not vigilant enough? Here is the game-changing tool

Cryptomoney users not vigilant enough? Here is the game-changing tool

The sinews of war – Not a week goes by without a news item related to internet safety making the headlines. The crypto community is a prime target for hackers and other web scammers. Although blockchain technology promises greater resilience, the standard remains centralized and sensitive to attacks. To best protect yourself, you need to be disciplined and hide your digital identity on the Internet with a high-performance VPN.

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Safety is the top priority

Safety is the top priority

A VPN acts as a decoy. You will be able to surf the web and hide your activity behind a dummy IP. No one can know anything about the sites you visit anymore. And in the field, North VPN is probably the best. All said and done? Not really … When it comes to VPN, the offer is huge, and the attractive formulas are legion.

NordVPN may well have found the right mix of high performance, simplicity and affordability. Indeed, the dominant company in the sector offers a package for less than 3 euros per month, for a 2-year subscription – that’s about 68% off. In addition, it is now possible to get rid of this subscription by using several cryptomonnages (Bitcoin, Ethereum and Ripple).

If you want to evolve in the crypto universe, the VPN is an option that has become indispensable: you need to protect your sensitive data. NordVPN stacks various protocols to achieve optimal protection. Starting point, a military-grade encryption system (AES) previously used by the NSA and the US government, complemented by OpenVPN which handles TCP and UDP ports and the AES-256-CBC algorithm. A 2048-bit DH key is also used to complement the system. In short, you are now at the head of a competitive armor.

To live happily, let’s live in hiding

To live happily, let's live in hiding

Your browsing will be spread over one of 5544 servers in 59 countries. And of course, you have the possibility to choose the mirror country that will allow you to unblock access to certain potentially restricted services.

If you are on sensitive or censored content, you obviously don’t want a technical problem to cut off the service and reveal your real IP. NordVPN therefore offers the « Killswitch » option which will immediately cut the connection in case of a problem.

To finish reassuring you if you really face thorny contexts, it adds the possibility to add a layer by doubling the whole process.

You are thus rid of the monitoring from your access provider. Your IP is totally invisible on the network. But what about the information you gave to NordVPN? The company is based in Panama, a wonderful country that is not subject to data retention laws. This location allows it to avoid pressure from American or European authorities.

The company’s privacy policy can therefore be very strict and transparent: they keep absolutely no log of your online activity. On the other hand, they are able to monitor the dark web in search of traces of information about you, to warn you immediately of a possible compromise, and allow you to react quickly.

All of this technology should not be deployed while neglecting the user experience. Nord VPN works on all media and operating systems. Ergonomic and simple, it allows up to 6 devices at the same time, for a subscription that is quite modest considering the vital service provided.

An offer at less than 3 euros per month should therefore force you to think about it.

Because of course, if you can always find cheaper, the price/quality ratio here is unbeatable. As for free VPNs, remember these words: « If it’s free, you’re the product ».

Cryptomoney users not vigilant enough? Here is the game-changing tool
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