Darknet: Joker’s Stash marketplace closes after collecting $1 billion in cryptoscrapers

Darknet: Joker's Stash marketplace closes after collecting $1 billion in cryptoscrapers

Is Satoshi Nakamoto a fan of the darknet? Joker’s Stash « disconnects » and walks away with a billion dollar treasure trove of cryptos.

A $1 billion retirement

A $1 billion retirement

Numerous articles indicate that the darknet’s largest market in terms of sales of stolen credit and identity cards, Joker’s Stash, has closed down after 6 years of service.

According to Elliptic, the site earned over a billion dollars in encryption. On January 15, 2021, the administrators of Joker’s Stash announced that the site could be taken offline on February 15, 2021.

However, Elliptic monitored the site, and revealed that it was finally taken offline on February 3, 2021.

In July 2020, the owner of the Joker’s Stash was infected with the coronavirus, and had to be hospitalized for 7 days.

Customers of Joker’s Stash had started complaining, and had problems with the card data and the reliability of the identity information.

A departure without return

A departure without return

Krebs on Security and Gemini Advisory have published reports containing a detailed analysis of Joker’s Stash operations.

According to Gemini Advisory, the volume of activity on the site dropped « sharply » when the administrator was infected with covid-19 and in the weeks that followed.

On 16 December 2020, Interpol and the US Department of Justice seized a number of servers.

But just like The Pirate Bay, the Joker’s Stash had put in place a new infrastructure to ensure business continuity.

The administrators of the Joker’s Stash had promised to keep the « shop » open for another 30 days.

They even warned Internet users so that they would not fall into the trap of false Joker’s Stash that could be created in the future. The Joker’s Stash wrote in capital letters that it would « never open again ».

The criminal enterprises of the darknet continue to sully the image of the cryptos: 1 billion dollars of ill-gotten gains in cryptos, 1 billion more reasons to ban the cryptos for Janet Yellen. With or without cryptography, the darknet will always exist. Will the administrators of Joker’s Stash be able to enjoy a golden retirement in the sun? Won’t the exchanges risk cooperating with the authorities, freezing the cryptos transiting on their platform? Yes, decentralization can protect criminals, but it also protects the fundamental rights of honest citizens.

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Darknet: Joker’s Stash marketplace closes after collecting $1 billion in cryptoscrapers
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