Do you have any Bitcoin? But are you a wholecoiner?

Do you have any Bitcoin? But are you a wholecoiner?

Like Mr. Jourdain de Molière who was doing prose without knowing it, there are bitcoiners who are wholecoiners who ignore each other.

Recently Glassnode came out with a classification that determined which animal was the owner of Bitcoin based on the amount of Bitcoin they had. Between 1 and 10 Bitcoins? You’re a crab. Between 10 and 50 BTC, you’re an octopus. And if you have less than one Bitcoin, then you’re a shrimp.

What’s a wholecoiner?

What's a wholecoiner?

But there is another term that has nothing to do with this crypto-blocker, and that is the wholecoiner. It simply refers to people who own at least one whole bitcoin. If you don’t know that, you don’t have to buy a whole bitcoin, of course, but you can buy fractions of it. A bitcoin is divisible into 100 million sub-units called satoshis. So you can buy small quantities of Bitcoin, for $10, for example.

The term wholecoiner is in the Urban Dictionary.

According to an article by Cointelegraphe dated November 27, 2020 « wholecoiners », Bitcoin portfolios containing 1 BTC or more, now account for 95% of the total capitalization of cryptomoney. This leaves only 5% of the market capitalisation, spread over tens of millions of users, with a balance of less than 1 BTC ».

According to the data, the total number of wholcoiners has been increasing steadily year after year since 2009, despite the increases in the price of Bitcoin. On 27 November, Glassnode’s technical director, Rafael Shultze-Kraft, tweeted a graph revealing that more than 800,000 addresses currently hold at least 1 BTC.

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Do you have any Bitcoin? But are you a wholecoiner?
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