Do you have Bitcoin (BTC)? Are you a dolphin? A crab or… a shrimp?

Do you have Bitcoin (BTC)? Are you a dolphin? A crab or... a shrimp?

You’ve probably heard of Bitcoin Whales (BTC), but it turns out that there are many more creatures in the « ocean of cryptomoniacs ». Are you one of those hard-to-find whales or are you a small fish from the ocean floor? It’s time to find out!

According to a report by the crypto-analysis company Glassnode, there is a real underwater hierarchy in the possession of Bitcoins:

Shrimp collectively own less than 5% of all bitcoin in circulation, while whales own nearly a third of all bitcoin and humpback whales control about 40% of the stock.

Miners, for their part, hold nearly one-tenth of the total share of Bitcoin, and cryptos purses own 12.7%.

But Glassnode chose to look on the bright side, with co-founder and chief technology officer Rafael Schultze-Kraft saying on Twitter that « Bitcoin ownership is much less concentrated than is often reported, » adding that the report had also shown that it had in fact « spread over time ». He said that « the number of whales has increased », adding that this was a sign that « institutional investors » were « coming ».

The authors of the report suggest that instead of claiming that « 2% of accounts » own 95% of all Bitcoin in circulation, the number is actually closer to 71% ».

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Do you have Bitcoin (BTC)? Are you a dolphin? A crab or… a shrimp?
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