Finally, the e-commerce giant Amazon is interested in cryptomoney.

Finally, the e-commerce giant Amazon is interested in cryptomoney.

With companies such as PayPal or Tesla investing in Bitcoin and cryptomoney, other industry giants such as Amazon are beginning to take a serious interest in crypto payment.

While Amazon has not integrated payment with Bitcoin or other cryptosystems, the world’s leading e-commerce company seems to be working on a project to do so, according to job postings the company has posted on its website.

Job offers that did not go unnoticed and that the company removed from its site following the media coverage that followed.

In particular, Amazon is looking for an engineer specializing in digital payment methods, she said, and that this involves a payment project that would first be launched in Mexico.

The e-commerce giant would therefore target emerging markets in the first instance, countries where the local currency has been strongly devalued as a result of the consequent Coronavirus/Covid economic crisis19.

The Mexican peso had thus fallen by almost 40% by 2020, and the populations of many countries such as Argentina, Venezuela or Cuba have started to use cryptomoney such as Bitcoin BTC as a safe haven against fiduciary currencies which are losing much of their value.

Amazon therefore wishes to offer a new method of payment to these populations thanks to digital currencies, as detailed in the job offer.

« We are looking for a leader to help us launch a new payment product with Mexico as the initial launch country.

This product will allow customers to convert their money into digital currency, through which customers can take advantage of online services, including the purchase of goods and/or services such as Prime Video. »

Bitcoin and cryptos are here to stay, with billions in institutional investment supporting this trend, Amazon cannot afford to miss the crypto train.

If Amazon has withdrawn the crypto job offers, it will certainly continue to work more discreetly on its digital payment projects.

No details on the digital currencies that could be used in this new payment method, Amazon may choose to integrate stablecoins or Bitcoin BTC as PayPal will soon offer it to its millions of merchants.

It is to be expected that more and more companies will integrate crypto payment in the coming months, PayPal will soon launch its crypto service offering in the UK.


Finally, the e-commerce giant Amazon is interested in cryptomoney.
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