Gemini adds functionality for making cryptographic donations

Gemini adds functionality for making cryptographic donations

Will cryptomoney structurally change the world? And if they succeed in doing so, will they actually put in place a fairer system that benefits everyone? Gemini and The Giving Block allow more than 100 organizations to receive donations of cryptoskills.

The Charitable Twins

The Charitable Twins

In a February 25, 2021 blog post, The Giving Block reported that Gemini now gives its customers the ability to donate cryptos to more than 100 non-profit organizations worldwide.

Water Wells for Africa, the GO2 Lung Cancer Foundation, Kids in Need of Defense, are among the charities benefiting from this Gemini initiative.

When a user clicks the « donate » button on the Gemini mobile or desktop app, they are directed to where they can choose to donate to one of the 130 non-profit organizations collaborating with The Giving Block.

The Giving Block was founded in 2018 by Alex Wilson and Pat Duffy to make it easier for charities to access cryptographic donations.

Wilson ranked 85th in the top 100 blockchain personalities in 2021 on CoinTelegraph.

The opening of these organizations to cryptogifts has enabled them to attract new donor profiles.

Image « bleaching

Image "bleaching

Cryptomoney and the blockchain have the ambition to create a decentralized system to reduce inequalities.

In theory, the new finance would be more inclusive; the block chain would, for example, make it possible to solve the problems of access to property in many countries of the South.

By accepting donations in cryptomoney, charities contribute to increasing the legitimacy of cryptos, accused – rightly or wrongly – of being a tool for financing illicit activities.

When will a charter be drafted and accepted by the cryptosphere to define and frame the political mission of cryptos? Bitcoin (BTC) has succeeded in attracting the attention of institutional investors. Hundreds of charities are now accepting donations of cryptography. Will the regulatory authorities take its major factors into account before issuing a law to ban cryptos? Janet Yellen continues to smear the image of Bitcoin and cryptomoney in general, arguing that cryptomoney is generally used to fund illegal activities. By funding charities, cryptomoney is entering a world that benefits them not only in terms of adoption, but also in terms of image. The war of adoption of cryptomoney is also won by managing their reputation.

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Gemini adds functionality for making cryptographic donations
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