Gene Simmons, the bassist of the band Kiss, embraces Bitcoin (BTC) and other cryptomoney

Gene Simmons, the bassist of the band Kiss, embraces Bitcoin (BTC) and other cryptomoney

A star that seduces stars: nothing could be more logical! The singer of the band Kiss bought Bitcoin (BTC) and other cryptos. The Demon provoked many hot reactions from his fans on Twitter, even if his tweet didn’t have the same effect as Elon Musk’s on the BTC markets.

Hell of a support for Bitcoin

Hell of a support for Bitcoin

On January 31, 2021, the bassist and lead vocalist of the band Kiss, Gene Simmons Aka « the Demon », tweeteded to his 900,000 followers that he had purchased Bitcoin, Ether (ETH), Litecoin (LTC), and other cryptomoney.

In September 2020, Simmons responded with a simple « I will. I am » in response to a tweet from Cameron Winklevoss.

Cryptophiles at the time didn’t really understand the meaning of this « encrypted » message about cryptoskills.

Although Simmons purchased cryptos, he explicitly pointed out that he did not recommend any to anyone.

Cryptophiles obviously reacted to the Demon’s tweets by promoting their favorite cryptos with animated GIFs and memes.

For the twitto @themooncarl who reacted to Simmons’ tweet, buying Bitcoin is a vote against a corrupt banking system.

He added that a BTC under 100,000 USD is still « cheap ».

Bitcoin and celebrities: stars wow!

Bitcoin and celebrities: stars wow!

Elon Musk had publicly supported the BTC on 29 January 2021, provoking a pump that allowed the BTC to attack the $38,500.

Bitcoin made a $5,000 profit in less than an hour.

The Demon tweet did not set the BTC markets on fire.

The bulls were able to pick up the $34,000 that they now need to turn into support in order to attack the $40,000 on a solid basis.

The cryptosphere is welcoming more and more VIP members. But are VIP members an effective bulwark against abusive regulations aimed at hindering cryptos projects? The BTC is currently enjoying increased support from institutional investors. The Aether is also beginning to attract the attention of institutional members. However, FinCEN does not take these developments into account, with its draft regulation that would deal a severe blow to the cryptosphere in general. When will there be a song in support of cryptos by artists committed to decentralization?

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Gene Simmons, the bassist of the band Kiss, embraces Bitcoin (BTC) and other cryptomoney
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