NVIDIA Could Boost Production of GPUs for Cryptography Mining

NVIDIA Could Boost Production of GPUs for Cryptography Mining

NVIDIA could restart production of GPUs dedicated to crypto-currency mining if there is sufficient demand.

The model designed for mining would reduce pressure on the gaming product line.

Relaunch CMP production

Relaunch CMP production

NVIDIA could eventually restart production of graphics processors dedicated to crypto-currency mining, according to its CFO.

Speaking at an event on 12 January, Kress said that if demand in the crypto-currency market picks up to a level of «  significatif  », then the company could start selling specialised cards called CMPs again.

CMPs are GPUs that have had their video outputs removed, allowing them to be manufactured and sold more cheaply.

Currently, NVIDIA’s RTX 30-series GPUs are popular with miners, although Colette Kress said, «  Nous don’t think mining demand is a big part of our business today. »

But still according to Colette Kress, NVIDIA should rather consider this craze as an opportunity, «  en re-launching its CMP product line to meet the demand actuelle  ».

End of conventional mining with ETH 2.0

End of conventional mining with ETH 2.0

While Bitcoin Miners (BTC) use specialized and more expensive processors called ASICs, other crypto-currents such as Ether (ETH) can be mined with GPUs.

NVIDIA’s GPU offerings are expected to remain tight until at least the end of the first quarter of 2021, although the resurgence of CMPs could ease pressure on the consumer product line.

Currently, NVIDIA is having difficulty forecasting demand from the mining industry, although an analyst recently estimated that the company has sold $175 million worth of Ampere architecture GPUs to miners.

However, demand for GPUs could be disrupted in the next two years. Indeed, the launch of Ethereum 2.0 in December 2020 heralds the phasing out of ETH mining since it will no longer be necessary to own machines to participate in the operation of the blockchain.

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NVIDIA Could Boost Production of GPUs for Cryptography Mining
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