The Indian crypto community is concerned about the government’s position.

The Indian crypto community is concerned about the government's position.

Indian cryptomongers have lost patience and want to know their government’s position on the subject. There are many rumours of a hostile and repressive stance towards cryptos.

On Twitter, members of the Indian crypto community say they are tired of the government’s alleged leaking of information to journalists about the « ban » on cryptography and want a senior official to make the government’s position on the issue known as soon as possible.

Speculation about a possible crackdown has been almost inexorable in India for years now and has resurfaced in recent weeks.

An exasperated observer wrote

Honestly, I’m tired of all the information platforms that use « sources ». Please, government people, if you want to do something, do it!

#Exclusive | Sources suggest the Govt is discussing rules on the Indian #cryptocurrency framework and is likely to…

According to the Indian media outlet Bloomberg Quint, a « senior finance ministry official said, on condition of anonymity », that a bill to « prohibit direct trading in foreign exchange markets » was about to be presented to parliament, and that it would seek to enforce a « complete ban on investment in cryptomoney ».

The proposals would allow holders of cryptos to benefit from a transitional period to « get out their assets » before closing the door to « all forms » of cryptos use, after weeks of speculation that New Delhi was considering such an initiative.

Although no official statement has yet been made on the issue, the Indian crypto community does not seem to want to sit back and let the government install a repression like in China without fighting.

Nischal Shetty, the founder and CEO of the Indian crypto company WazirX, owned by the giant Binance, is one of the many critics of the bill in India, and has been one of those seeking to re-popularize the hashtag #IndiaWantsCrypto, first launched in 2018 in opposition to the central bank’s crackdown on Bitcoin (BTC) and altcoins.

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The Indian crypto community is concerned about the government’s position.
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