The listings and delistings of the week’s cryptomonnages on the exchanges.

The listings and delistings of the week's cryptomonnages on the exchanges.

Here is the weekly list of announcements of listing and delisting of digital assets, pairs of transactions on cryptos exchanges.


BiboxListings:DAO Maker (DAO)StarLink (SLNV2)Hash Bridge Oracle (HBO)

BilaxyListings:Emblem (EMB)Premia (PREMIA)DVGToken (DVG)VAIOT Token (VAI)Olyseum (OLY)Previse (PRVS)Anime (ANI)Membrana (MBN)Modefi (MOD)OVR (OVR)Swaprol Token (SWPRL)VesperToken (VSP)DxSale Network (SALE)Rise Protocol (RISE)PoolTogether (POOL)Rai Reflex Index (RAI)UniPower (POWER)FUD finance (FUD)Swaprol Token (SWPRL) (BEP20)erowan (erowan)Jupiter (JUP)MANDALA EXCHANGE TOKEN (MDX)TokenPocket Token (TPT)Donut (DONUT)Added Trading Pairs:PAC/USDT

BinanceListings: DODO (DODO)Frax Share (FXS)Added Trading Pairs:FRONT/BTC
BAKE/BUSDRemoved Trading Pairs:SUSD/ETH

BitfinexListings:CertiK (CTK)Added Trading Pairs:EURS/BTC

Bithumb Listings:Dvision Network (DVI)Numerical (NMR)MilliMeter (MM)Orchid (OXT)

BitmaxListings:MahaDAO (MAHA)ARTH

BitrueListings:DODO (DODO)Mirror Protocol (MIR)

BKEXListings:Phoswap (PHO)DODO (DODO)Tornado Cash (TORN)

CointigerListings:ZKSwap (ZKS)MCAN (MCAN)Chickenkebab Finance (CHIK)Tiger Finance (TIGER)RamenSwap Finance (RAMEN)

ChangellyListings:Bridge Oracle (BRG)

Coinsbit Listings:WeeCoins (WCS)Libocoin (LBY)ANS COIN (ANS)DAO Maker (DAO)Bitair (BTCA)

Crypto.comListings:VeThor Token (VTHO)Flow (FLOW)The Sandbox (SAND)Added Trading Pairs:THETA/USDC

DigiFinexListings:Minereum (MNE)Zupi Coin (ZUPI)

FINEXBOXListings:CaicaCoin (CICC)

Gate.ioListings: FedoraCoin (TIPS)Jasmy (JASMY)Bella Protocol (BEL)QiSwap (QI)PancakeSwap (CAKE)SafePal (SFP)Nuls (NULS)StarLink (SLNV2)The Sandbox (SAND)Orchid (OXT)PoolTogether (POOL)Amp (AMP)JustLiquidity (JULD)Holo (HOLO)

HitBTCListings:Mettalex (MTLX)Alpha Finance (ALPHA)Akropolis (AKRO)Quantfury (QTF)SKALE Network (SKL)The Sandbox (SAND)

HotbitListings:Deri Protocol (DERI)RENDOGE (RENDOGE)AutoFarm (AUTO)KiwiFinance (KIWI)Bitcoin Standard Hashrate Token (BTCST)ZeroSwap (ZEE)Berry Data (BRY)Vesper Finance (VSP)Premia (PREMIA)Roobee Platform (ROOBEE)Swingby (SWINGBY)Mars (MARSPL)BIT ROSE (BRT)BORA (BORA)ACryptoS (ACS)Pancake Bunny (BUNNY)Tiger Finance (TIGER)NitroEx (NTX)CryptoTask (CTASK)RamenSwap Finance (RAMEN)

KuCoinListings:Morpheus Labs (MITX)PancakeSwap (CAKE)

LBankListings:KiwiFinance (KIWI)

MXCListings:Frax Share (FXS)BakerySwap (BAKE)Anyswap (ANY)

OKExListings:Tornado Cash (TORN)

PoloniexListings:ZKSwap (ZKS)Vesper Finance (VSP)

P2PB2BListings:TravaCart (TRVT)DXC COIN (DXC)

SynchroBitListings:Civic (CVC)iExec (RLC)

VinDaxListings:AMMYI COIN (AMI)DGLCOIN (DGL)G9TRO Crowdfunding Platform (G9TRO)Y Corner (YCO)TimiHealth Token (THT)Faircoin (FAIR)I9C Corner (I9C)BitcoinR (XBR)

XTListings:Electric Cash (ELCASH)DODO

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The listings and delistings of the week’s cryptomonnages on the exchanges.
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