The price of Bitcoin and Ether is falling.

The price of Bitcoin and Ether is falling.

The total capitalization of the cryptos market is declining, as are the two main cryptomoney companies, Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Bitcoin Price

Bitcoin Price

The price of Bitcoin failed to recover above $35,000, and began a further decline. The BTC has thus broken support levels of USD 34,000 and is currently trading at USD 32,686, after reaching $31,500 (14:30 UTG+1) a few hours ago. The mother of the cryptomoney is exposed to a risk of further losses below the USD 32,000, a bar above which it is currently holding.

The first key resistance is close to the 34,000 USD level. If there is no recovery, the price could continue to fall towards USD 31,200 and USD 30,500.

Ethereum Award

Ethereum Award

The price of ether continued to fall below the USD 1,250 support zone. ETH even dipped below $1,220, but bulls were active around $1,200. It is currently correcting upwards and trading above $1,249 (14:30 GMT+1). This $1,250 bar is a hurdle that the bulls will have to overcome to reverse the trend. On the downside, the price should find strong bids near $1,210 and $1,200. Any further losses could pave the way for a push towards the $1,150 support level.

The market for other altcoins today

The market for other altcoins today

In the last few hours, a few altcoins have surpassed the others and climbed more than 5%, including HBAR, CRV, ICX, DOT, CELO, KSM, OKB and AVAX. Among the latter, ICX is showing many positive signs and has recently climbed towards 0.900 USD.

In short, the price of Bitcoin is falling and losses are spreading below USD 33,000. If the BTC stabilizes below $32,000, it could plunge to around $30,500. Conversely, the price could recover to around USD 34,000.

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Will Bitcoin go down?

Will Bitcoin go down?

After reaching the symbolic threshold of $40,000 on January 7, 2021, the price of bitcoin fell to $30,000 on Monday, January 11, 2021, a drop of 25%.

Why is Bitcoin valuable?

These fluctuations are due to the fact that the overall market cap for bitcoin is very small compared to what some people hold. So it’s normal for the price to fluctuate quite a bit when those people decide to do something.

How do I get paid in Bitcoin?

How to pay in Bitcoins

  • Scan your QR code.
  • Pay from your wallet.
  • Send the payment manually.
  • Paper and hardware wallets.
  • Wallet on computer or mobile or online.
  • With a personal wallet.
  • With an online wallet.

What is the price of Bitcoin in January 2020?

What is the price of Bitcoin in January 2020?

Throughout 2020, the price of Bitcoin has generally benefited from the global pandemic and economic slowdown. Its price has more than quadrupled over the course of 2020, rising from 7,900 euros in early January to more than 34,000 euros (or $40,000) last Friday.

When should I buy Bitcoin?

Investment in Bitcoin is expected to remain buoyant in 2021 according to crypto-currency specialists, while Bitcoin recently set a new record above $35,000.

Why is the price of BTC falling?

For Christopher Dembik, the first explanation is cyclical. With the coronavirus pandemic, "investors sought alternatives to traditional investments such as the stock market, shares and corporate values," which led them to Bitcoin.

Which crypto currency to buy in 2020?

6 crypto currencies to buy for 2020 and beyond

  • Bitcoin (BTC) To begin with, I’m not going to do it in originality but rather in efficiency …
  • Basic Attention Token (BAT) Month after month, the success of Basic Attention Token does not stop. …
  • Stakes Corner (ENJ) …
  • Binance Coin (BNB) …
  • Nexo (NEXO) …
  • Ethereum (ETH)

What is the most profitable crypto currency?

These are crypto currencies, especially Bitcoin. It is indeed the most profitable asset at the moment.

Where to buy crypto money?

B- TOP 5 of the best sites to buy cryptomoney in France

  • Buying cryptomoney on Binance. …
  • Buy Bitcoins, Ethereum and Litecoin on Coinbase. …
  • Coinhouse or the Bitcoin House website. …
  • Buy Bitcoins on Bitit. …
  • Buy cryptomoney on VirWox.

How to invest in crypto currency?

How to invest on a crypto currency? You can invest in a crypto currency by buying tokens via a specialized platform. You can also trade crypto currency via an online broker like eToro, by investing in a derivative that has a virtual currency as its underlying.

What is the current price of Bitcoin?

(u20ac 27,009.59) Bitcoin price – BTC Euro value | BTC Direct.

What’s the status on Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is the largest decentralized cryptographic currency, with a capitalization of $545 billion as of January 1, 2021 ($130 billion as of January 1, 2020).

Who has the most Bitcoin?

1 – Chris Larsen ($7.5 to $8 billion)

How do I get a free Bitcoin?

Play dice. Different platforms offer free and paid games on which it is possible to win some Bitcoins. This is the case of PrimeDice and 999Dice for example. Depending on your jurisdiction you can play and withdraw money you have won for free.

The price of Bitcoin and Ether is falling.
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