This Swiss bank, founded in the 19th century, offers cryptomoney to its clients.

This Swiss bank, founded in the 19th century, offers cryptomoney to its clients.

In a press release, the Swiss bank Bordier & Cie SCmA, founded in 1844 in Geneva, announced that it had extended its offer to include cryptosystems by integrating Sygnum’s B2B banking platform.

Bordier & Cie offers cryptomoney services to its clients via Sygnum’s B2B banking platform

According to the document, « the partnership now enables Bordier’s clients to invest in digital assets in complete security and lays the foundation for a broader offering of regulated investment services and products, including sophisticated trading strategies such as options and the ability to invest via tokenization in previously hard-to-reach asset classes ».

Specifically, the bank’s clients can buy, hold and trade cryptos such as Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Bitcoin Cash (BCH) and Tezos (XTZ) and benefit from exposure via Sygnum’s digital asset management product platform.

The market capitalization of cryptos has almost quadrupled in 2020, becoming the best performing asset class. As a result, they are a powerful portfolio diversification tool, leading to growing customer demand, the bank says.

« Faced with growing demand, Bordier has expanded its private banking offering to include digital assets. This extension of its range of products and services has been achieved through a partnership with Sygnum Bank. Sygnum’s all-in-one digital asset management solution is seamlessly integrated into Bordier’s existing infrastructure.

Bordier’s customers can now purchase, hold and exchange cryptosystems in « execution only » mode. They can exchange bitcoins, ethereums, cash bitcoins and tezos, while benefiting from the highest security and regulatory standards as provided by a Swiss bank. The offer will be expanded as customers become more familiar with this new service.

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Evrard Bordier, partner at Bordier, explains:

« We have seen a growing demand from our clients in terms of diversification into alternative asset classes such as digital assets. By partnering with Sygnum Bank, we are providing our clients* with a unique, integrated solution, while allowing them to invest in this new high-growth asset class with confidence and security. »

According to the press release, « Sygnum provides its expertise in the field of digital assets and a B2B banking platform, which includes private key retention, selection and connection to liquidity providers, anti-money laundering measures for digital assets and transaction monitoring. This partnership simplifies the transactional process for clients, offering them the opportunity to invest in their chosen asset class, eliminating the need for multiple channels. Bordier will continue to manage its client relationships*; clients will be able to access Sygnum’s digital asset management platform ».

« Bordier continues its age-old tradition of preserving and developing its clients’ wealth by offering them the « next generation » of assets. Bordier’s timeless values and Sygnum Bank’s vision for the future of the financial sector act as a powerful combination in a rapidly changing financial environment, » added Mathias Imbach, CEO of Sygnum Bank Group.

* « Execution only » clients, i.e. non-advised clients.

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This Swiss bank, founded in the 19th century, offers cryptomoney to its clients.
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