Tutorial: Buying Bitcoins and Cryptos easily at Coinhouse

Tutorial: Buying Bitcoins and Cryptos easily at Coinhouse

Formerly « La Maison du Bitcoin », Coinhouse is a French company approved by the Autorité des Marchés Financier. This platform allows you to buy and sell 16 different cryptomonnages, but it also allows you to store them on their servers…free of charge and without any time limit. As on every serious platform, you will have to send 2 documents when opening an account. Let’s see how it goes…

In order to buy Bitcoin, you have to prove your identity. Just because this virtual currency does not depend on any central bank does not mean that you can do anything. A simple photo or a scan of your ID card or passport is enough. But to avoid identity theft, you will also have to send a selfie with a small message stating that you want to buy cryptomoney. Why should I do that? Suppose someone comes across your ID card and uses it to buy Bitcoin? You could then be held responsible for what that person buys: Pokémon cards, Chantal Goya’s all-in-one, Renault Fuego GTX 2-liter Turbo…

Opening and validating an account with Coinhouse

Opening and validating an account with Coinhouse

1/ Account opening

Like a normal site, you will have to fill out a small form and define the nature of the account: Pro, Individual or Associative. Choose your password and enter the number of your identity card or passport.

2/ Your identity card

You will then have to send the photo or scan both sides of the ID you have chosen to Coinhouse. Just make sure that the image and numbers are legible, but if there are any problems, Coinhouse will let you know.

3/ Your « selfie »

For selfie, you can do it with your phone or webcam. Your face must be recognizable and the message « I want to buy crypto-actives with Coinhouse » must be legible, handwritten, dated and signed.

4/ Account validation in less than 2 hours

Our account was created at 14:15 and validated at 15:52. Even if it takes a little longer, you can already buy your Bitcoins, Ripples, Litecoins, Ethereums, Tezos, Cardanos, etc. With these two documents, your investment ceiling is €5,000: plenty to look forward to! Add your credit card or bank account to buy/sell…

A Premium account at Coinhouse?

Coinhouse also offers a Premium service for the most motivated investors. This status gives access to 32 additional cryptomonnages, an advisory service, reduced commissions, consultation with a tax lawyer, guides, analyses, alerts, etc. If you come from Android-MT, you will save €50 on the annual fee .

Where to buy Bitcoins Quebec?

Where to buy Bitcoins Quebec?

2. Buy Bitcoin at the ATM

  • La Belle Province. 3608 St. Laurent Blvd., Montreal, QC H2X 2V4.
  • Wrapcity Gourmet. 1201 de Maisonneuve Boulevard West, Montreal, QC H3A 1N6.
  • 7 Day Convenience Store. …
  • Dépanneur Beau-Soir. …
  • La Belle Province. …
  • Ultra Convenience Store 25-Hrs. …
  • Dépanneur Vieux Montreal. …
  • Tristar Gym.

Where to buy ether?

2. Choose a platform to make your ethereum purchase

  • eToro: Buy ETH in 5 minutes.
  • IG: World leader for trading ETH in CFDs. Like eToro, IG is another online Forex and CFD broker, number 1 in France and worldwide for CFD trading. …
  • Libertex: A broker to trade ethereum.

Where to buy Bitcoins in Canada?

Bitcoin is currently the world’s most popular and best-known crypto currency, but there are various others such as Ethereum, Litecoin and Bitcoin Cash that can be purchased for Canadian dollars directly from Bitbuy.

How do I buy Bitcoins via PayPal?

How do I buy Bitcoins via PayPal?

To start purchasing cryptomoney via the PayPal platform, here are the steps to follow:

  • Open an account with eToro.
  • Deposit funds to your account ($200 minimum) by choosing the PayPal option.
  • Login to your PayPal account to validate your transaction.
  • Purchase Bitcoins.

How do I pay on Amazon with Bitcoin?

To be able to spend your Bitcoin on Amazon, all you need to do is: Open a Spectrocoin account and fill it with Bitcoin, Click on the « Recharge and vouchers » section, Choose the country where you order (gift cards can only be used at their location)

How do I buy Bitcoin without verification?

Top 5 Anonymous Bitcoin and crypto exchanges without identity verification or KYC

  • 1 Binance. While Binance is the world’s most popular crypto exchange, it still allows you to buy Bitcoin without identity verification or KYC. …
  • 2 Changelly. …
  • 3 Kucoin. …
  • 4 Poloniex. …
  • 5 Uniswap.

How do I buy Bitcoins?

How do I buy Bitcoins?

and more intuitive brokers (Coinbase, Coinhouse, etc.). The latter are generally simpler to use but charge higher fees. There are also a few physical counters in Paris (Coinhouse), Caen (Bitcoin Avenue), Brest (Byzantine) or Bordeaux (Comptoir des cybermonnaies).

How do I buy Bitcoins safely?

There are many options.

  • eToro: the best choice for securing your Bitcoins. One of the best choice to store your Bitcoins is probably eToro wallet, the portfolio of the online broker eToro . . .
  • Coinbase Wallet : ideal for beginners. …
  • Ledger Nano : physical wallet from BTC.

How do I buy and sell Bitcoins?

To trade Bitcoin (BTC), simply enter its name in the search bar. Then simply click on it and choose the « Buy » option. To resell, simply click on the « Sell » tab.

What is the best site to buy Bitcoins?

What is the best site to buy Bitcoins?

Comparison of best sites to buy Bitcoin in 2020

  • 1- eToro: the best site to buy Bitcoin.
  • www. etoro. easily.
  • 2- Binance: the best site for trading crypto Coins.
  • www.binance.com.
  • 3- Coinbase Buy Bitcoin on Binance.
  • www.coinbase.com.
  • 4- Huobi Buy Bitcoin on Coinbase.
  • www.huobi.pro.

Which Platform to buy crypto currency?

Quack, Kraken, Binance… Comparison 2018 of platforms to buy bitcoins and cryptomoney.

Is eToro a serious site ?

No, this is a very serious regulated site. You can trust eToro. It’s one of the most serious online brokers. Etoro currently has over 11 million users.

Tutorial: Buying Bitcoins and Cryptos easily at Coinhouse
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